After moving from Mexico into the United States our family settled in the Vail Valley. Soon after we realized that we were missing our artisan Mexican style ice cream, It was at that time that we started to think about the possibilities of opening an establishment to offer all the ice cream flavors that we enjoyed back home. Artisan ice cream in Mexico is made with only natural fresh fruits. I wanted to duplicate and improve the very same essence here.  I traveled to Italy and learned the art of the gelato and sorbets.  The concept of an international frozen dessert shop was turning into a reality, with a new process that combines the best of both worlds. In 2014 we finally opened KIWI. Quality and innovation are paramount on everything that we do. We continue to develop new products, including a large selection of dairy free, vegan and gluten free frozen desserts. We wanted those with any allergy problem to be able to enjoy an ice cream, something that probably was not available to them before.

We live in a very international community and we wanted to offer an international flare. We wanted our customers from all over the world to find something from home. You can find creations from many different countries and it is part of KIWI’s uniqueness. There is a healthy way to eat ice cream but you can only do that at KIWI.

We love being a FAMILY BUSINESS